Windows Movie Maker 2012

Windows Movie Maker 2012Free video editing software of MicrosoftWindows Movie Maker 2012 provides novice and average users chance to edit their video and from there, they will be allowed to publish it on YouTube, Facebook, DVD, eMail etc. Windows Movie Maker 2012 is very user-friendly , really simplified and it is also a part of Windows Essentials Suite of applications.

Home Tab

There are 2 small changes on the first home tab of Windows Movie Maker 2012 compared to Windows Movie Maker 2011. There is 1 addition of the narration option and you look over the right in the sharing options the icon for SkyDrive has been added and there is now option for export on Daily Motion, Blip TV and Vimeo.

What is new in the export options of Windows Movie Maker 2012 – you can already export to MP4 format!

After all the complaints, Windows Movie Maker 2012 video editing software may export to MP4 format. You will not already export to WMV and convert to MP4 format. Now, you are able to export straight out.

Adding music with Windows Movie Maker 2012

There has also been an adjustment under the function to add music, not just audio files. Microsoft seems to be in the business now attending to help customers find the relevant background music for their movies. There is likely a small group of people that use Windows Movie Maker 2012 video editing software who would find it useful.

Exporting movies

Microsoft has spent some time on improving export options of Windows Movie Maker 2012 video editing software. The export options from Windows Movie Maker 2012 seem to be a little more defined compared to Windows Movie Maker 2011 video editor. Here is a screenshot of the available options, so you may see for yourself.

Windows Movie Maker 2012 Movie Export Options

As you can notice, it looks as though Microsoft has centered on on the diverse different types of export options, are available, and some predefined resolutions for tablets and mobile devices. It must help clarify some points for the customers who are asking, in the support forum, about what resolutions and what options they must have for exporting their movies to their respective devices using Windows Movie Maker 2012.

Visual Effects Tab

There aren’t many changes of visual effects, which are provided by Windows Movie Maker 2012. There is one difference in the new version when it comes to visual effects – there is now an option to apply multiple effects.

Windows Movie Maker 2012 video editing software

Project Tab

With the Windows Movie Maker 2012 come some apparent options, available under the project tab. There is included emphasized music, emphasized narration, as options for working with audio tracks.

These functions in the new Windows Movie Maker 2012 video editing software especially the option to add narration are apparently focusing on the requests, which users were having in regards to narration. This is caused when choosing among the video or the additional audio, which may have been added to the overall story board of the project.

Summary of Windows Movie Maker 2012:

After the update of Windows Movie Maker 2012 video editing software, Microsoft has withhold a function, which pretty much everybody need; stabilization. This function for stabilization has been reported to be in Windows Movie Maker 2012 video editor, but only for the Windows 8 customers…

There aren’t grand improvements besides the GUI from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Withholding this option from the users of Windows Movie Maker 2012 video editing software is nothing more than a ploy, to force customers to upgrade to Windows 8; but the joke is on Microsoft.

If video stabilization is what you are searching for, and it is something that you want, you may simply upload your movie to YouTube, use their video editor, use the stabilization function and finally download your movie again. There are more steps doing this with YouTube video editor, but you are not held hostage by stupid mentality.

Lastly, although there are some problems with playing MOV and MP4 file formats; it’s probably a codec problem and it’s likely fixable with a current codec pack load. Some users can live without the storyboard, but Microsoft should really work on the issue with audio clips moving all around.

No doubt, Microsoft has put more working in to Windows Movie Maker 2012 video editing software than they did for Windows Live Writer. Anyway, there will be many happy users with this version of video editing software – Windows Movie Maker 2012.